Learning Management System and Its Ever-Growing Potentials

One of the main highlights of this pandemic was the paradigm shift in the concept of education. With the implementation of social distancing and home quarantine to prevent the spread of COVID-19, physical delivery of education and training programs became obsolete. Despite the existence of online learning for a significant number of years, it went to a whole new level as all educational institutions starting from pre-school to university, skill trainings, professional development everything was now being delivered via online platforms such as Zoom or Google Classroom. Universities already offered courses online through platforms such as edX, Coursera etc. However, the flow of students and individuals turning to these platforms for education or further development skyrocketed as the pandemic went on.

Learning Management System or LMS provides an organized platform for educational content for the intended audience. Derived from the concept of e-learning, LMS is basically an application that works as a one stop solution for administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation and delivery of courses or programs.

A perfect example for the front face of a Learning Management System would be Google Classroom. This application by the tech giant Google provides all the necessary aspects of a classroom. Starting from online video lectures to allocation and submission of classwork and assignments, uploading documents and media required for the course or program everything.

Learning Management System to be particular, refers to the backend application that makes all of this possible. The top 5 cloud-based learning management system includes Docebo, which offers 35+ native integrations and APIs, high configurability. Followed by Adobe Captivate Prime which is preferred by industries and leading analysts, awarded for excellence across multiple categories. Trusted by 70,000 teams worldwide, TalentLMS is one of the leading learning management systems that is available for free with optional premium upgrade. Trainings are always available on cloud and can be setup without any manuals. Then there is SAP litmos which offers rapid deployment and integrations with task automation. You can manage content conveniently with tracking and reporting. Next on the list is LearnUpon LMS which is known for its simple use and quick setups. It offers learning portals with a world class support and a customer driven product strategy.

Epsilon Solutions USA LLC has recently built such a platform for Crue TV, a social enterprise funded by the government of Canada. Crue TV provides pathways into digital sector careers for youth facing barriers, through hands-on training and work experience. The service allows its users to learn video broadcasting courses whilst simultaneously enabling its users to broadcast their content to the world, creating a complete ecosystem.

Epsilon has created a platform that not only makes sure of proper delivery of education but offers the students a platform to collaborate with each other by creating a sustainable platform able to handle traffic from users, discussions with the curse module, upload and download course materials. Epsilon created this solution totally serverless based on cloud using the Amazon Web Services platform for maximum efficiency and accuracy.

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