How Information Technology is Helping Us Fight the Pandemic

Global Pandemics have been a problem for humanity for centuries. Every century, mankind is dealing with new pandemics whether it be Black Death, Spanish Flu, Plague of Justinian or the HIV/ Aids pandemic. The new addition to the club is COVID-19 or the Coronavirus Disease.

Although disastrous nevertheless, we are in fact better equipped for survival and fighting this time around. We have one big resource that was absent in the previous pandemics, Information Technology. Information Technology is making our fight against the COVID-19 a lot more effective and efficient and we have a lot to feel thankful for.

Making Sure the World Goes On

Imagine a global pandemic in the 19th century. You cannot go out because there is a highly contagious viral disease going on, there is no work, no education. Livelihoods get uncertain, future of the youth and the society are set back significantly.

The advancement of Information Technology has enabled us to function differently this pandemic. Thanks to online communication platforms & enterprise solutions, work never stopped. Meetings, approvals, information to data and analysis never stopped. Hence, significant portion of people across the globe, across various industries never lost their livelihood. The same platforms allowed classes to go on for schools and universities, making sure the civilization does not take a hit.

Mobilizing Service

Access to necessities was not crippled thanks to service mobility made possible by Modern Information Technology. Groceries, medicine, other necessary supplies are just a click away. You can even sit on your couch watching Netflix and have your favorite pizza delivered to your doorstep. This helped not only the consumer but also allowed the service-based industries to survive under circumstances which would previously be deemed impossible.

Access to Information

Information Technology has advanced globalization, providing us with access to information which makes our lives safer, convenient and comfortable. IT (yes, IT) has made sure that we are aware of the pandemic situation in specific areas, restrictions and rules, ideal places to find our necessary items or service. A pandemic without access to such information would be even scarier to go through without the knowledge of what is going on with the outside world, not to mention how boring it would be!

Social Media & Communication

You are working from home, learning from home and getting all your necessities delivered at your doorstep. It would still be stressful not knowing your loved ones who live across the city, state or halfway around the world are safe and in good health as well. Social Media and Video-Audio calling apps have made life a lot easier in that area. You are being able to call your parents every moment and check on them. You can keep in touch with your friends, colleagues and help boost their morals. It also keeps us away from the mental stress and fear caused by the pandemic by engaging us with what is going on in the society and people who are a part of our lives.

Medicine & Health

One of the major if not the most important aspect of Information Technology aid during this pandemic is the way it is helping us making sure everyone stays healthy to the best of our abilities. We can now store, share medical records of a patient over cloud services or apps, consult a doctor over video or audio calls. Making sure you get the medical attention you need from the safety of your home in a pandemic as such. Medical supplies, medicines and even pathological tests to an extent are now available at your home with service providers competing against each other and coming up with new USPs for their customers.

However, the most concerning medical affair this pandemic has been vaccination. With all the global giant pharmaceuticals coming up with their vaccines in less than a year, the challenge to vaccinate millions in a span of months became the new challenge. This is where managed service providers such as Epsilon Solutions USA LLC came in with their cloud services for vaccine registrations and data storage solutions.

How Epsilon Developed Vaccine Registration System in Five Days

A major task of the COVID vaccination initiative was the efficiency in getting patients to register and come to the vaccination site. Starting from online registration to getting in front of the nurse at the vaccination site requires a lot of paperwork. Following that, another issue lied in storing information regarding to vaccinations administered.

EPL Care & then VaccineSafe1st reached out to Epsilon for solutions that will reduce the time for this process and get as many people vaccinated in a short timespan utilizing technology. Epsilon came up with tailored solutions to reduce time and increase efficiency at registration sites including capturing data and securely storing patient information.

Epsilon did so by utilizing AWS cloud infrastructure focusing on serverless components for scalability and agility. We created a dynamic form where data is captured as the patient goes through the process. We used Amazon textract to scan Insurance ID and Driver’s License and populate the data automatically on the form and database, as oppose to typing it. This eliminated room for any error on data capturing. Additionally, for assistance regarding the registration Epsilon also deployed Amazon Connect and Amazon Lex for call canter service and chatbot and integrated the services into the website.

As an effort from our end to help end the pandemic faster, we at Epsilon Solutions USA LLC provided the entire solution for EPL Care in five days.

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