Customer Relationship Management Platforms You Should Know

You’ve got your business going and now you are looking for ways to ensure that it keeps moving upward. One of the most efficient ways to do that would be with customer relationship management, otherwise known as CRM. Customer relationship management is a system designed by businesses to manage relationships with their customers. If your goal is to increase business and improve profitability, then implementing a customer relationship management solution is the way to go.

It will always be beneficial for your business to have your past customer information at the fingertips of the customer service operator for faster and efficient customer support. With the help of reporting templates and visualization features, CRM solutions such as Salesforce, allow businesses to collect and analyze customer data, which in turn works to provide insights and identify trends.

Some Common CRM Platforms


The best CRM solution available right now is Salesforce. It is well-known in the CRM world and a top choice for businesses for its user-friendly features. This solution allows you to customize reports and regularly updates the dashboard. It is a great feature because it allows all team members to have the most recent data. Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM solution, which means all of its users will have the same information. Cloud based CRM solution also means that if your team works remotely, they can make changes instantly.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM offers mobile app for both Apple and Android, in addition to the computer versions, which is great for teams who work remotely or are on the go. The app is accessible offline, which further allows its users to get data whenever they need and do not have to depend on Wi-Fi connection. is a great software that keeps your workflow on track. It gives you the option to design your work from scratch or use its various CRM templates to make your process go faster. The software has the ability to read your work and lets you make an informed decision about how to best utilize your resources.


Freshworks CRM solutions are quite handy for sales professionals who need to store and have access to data of the calls they receive. You can personalize greetings to ensure a pleasant experience for your customers. One great thing about Freshworks is that, they have CRM plans at affordable prices and also allow you to only pay for features you use!


If you are an up-and-coming business, then Keap CRM is a reliable option for you because they have an entry-level plan designed just for new businesses. Keap is designed in a manner, which grows with your business with their various features that make it easier to foster customer relationships and add functionality as you see fit.


Hubspot another such CRM solution that works well for new businesses. It has more than 90 report templates that you can use in their forever-free plan. You will also be able to create your own report build with your desired metrics in their paid CRM solutions.

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